Total Gym Chest Workout: Unlock Your Workout Potential;

Total Gym Chest Workout: Unlock Your Workout Potential;

“Total gym chest workout includes the pieces of home fitness equipment first developed in 1974 and also became popular for their beautiful physical therapy that allowed rehab exercises to be performed with the ideal level of resistance and with little risk.

It has been doing the rounds for more than 40 years and has been championed by many celebrities and fitness icons. 

The total gym chest workout produces results in a unique way. Its rise has been purely due to the over-saturation of the market at the time in terms of effectiveness. 

When it comes to trying to hit our goals, almost all of us are suddenly looking for a chest workout.


When it comes to developing strong chest muscles, it’s all about consistency, says Lamper.

It’s also important to work the muscles around the chest; you still need to have strength and stability in other muscle groups to support the chest, especially the shoulders, back, and core, which “adds Croce”.

Diaphragmatic breathing, and another breathing exercise, is also an important part of developing strong chest muscles.

With many lifters looking to maximize their chest training, various chest training programs and exercises are popping up because the internet living man of ours is curious about it.

 This article, “Total Gym Chest Workout “tells you how to get many chest exercises into your workout.

Maximum Exercise Workout;-


You should perform 1 to 4 chest exercises per workout, with the most optimal range being two to three different chest exercises in a single training session for more lifters. 

For more lifters, performing any more  3 to 4 different movements can result in dominant returns, excessive trash volume, and sub-optimal quality volume.

Basic exercises you include in a Daily workout routine are; 

  • Squats 
  • Deadlifts 
  • Bench press
  • Barwell band over rows 
  • Barbell overhead press 
  • Push up
  • Pull-ups
  • Upright rows
  • Lowering pull-ups


Why should you do it?


Chest exercises for a perfect chest look are important. Your chest is a good question of your overall upper body strength. So if you want a strong body, having an indicator or a strong heart is the key.

A strong chest is needed to perform any kind of push movement both at the gym and in day-to-day life but by taking the time and effort to strengthen your chest you can improve your push abilities in all scenarios.

Types Of Total Gym Chest Workout;-

Total Gym Chest Workout
Total Gym Chest Workout

Total gym chest workout  exercise can be added into many categories; however, the three main types of total gym chest workout  training exercises are below;-

Each group consists of specific benefits to a lifter and Jews quarterly can help the well-rounded chess training program.


Havier Compound Pressing Movement;

Moments like the bench press, incline press, and floor press are all movement patterns that can be done using heavier loads to stress the muscles of the chest.

While these can also be done for rap-based protocols, it is best to diversify your training program to at least train compound movements for 5 to 10 repetitions at some point in the training week.

By doing this you can overload the chest muscle and increase strength.


Isolation Exercises;

Isolation exercises are a great way to pre-exhaust and isolate a muscle group before and after more compound movements.

By training movements like chest flies, you can increase the muscular damage and stress placed on the muscle group.

For isolation exercises, it is key to train in the full range of motion by keeping tension on the muscles, using moderate to high rap ranges to notice when you feel stretched, and forcing strong contractions.


Machines And Free Weight;-


Machines, dumbbell weights, and even lighter barbell moments are all options for the best workouts.

While training the chest using moderate to higher repetition ranges, with emphasis on deep muscle stretches and contractions for the non-strength ways section of the workout, it is commanded to train these movements in the moderate 8 to 15 or higher 15 to 30 rep range to near failure.

Total Gym Chest Workout Exercises;

Traditional push-ups
Traditional push-ups

Some of the best total gym chest workout exercises are;-

  • Traditional push-ups
  • Scapular push-up 
  • White grip chest-press 
  • Narrow group chest-press 
  • Inclind bench-press 
  • Cable chest-flies 
  • Tricep dips 
  • The bottom line.

Traditional pushups;-

Equipment;- No

Start it on your hands and knees, with your knees separated a few inches apart and your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.

Then your arms and legs so your knees are no longer on the floor bringing you into a high position, lowering your body, and keeping your neck, shoulder back, or legs in a straight line.

Your chest is hovering a few inches off the floor to modify a push-up, place your nails on the floor, and navigate the same moment in the upper body.


Scapular Pushups;-

Equipment ;- No

For this start, a high plantation is your hand shoulders with a part and your feet a few inches away, keeping your back and arm straight square, and your shoulders slowly toward one another and releasing them. The body should move slightly up and down.

Wide Grief Chest Press;

Equipment;- dumbbells, weight branch {optional}.

Little House to place your arm in cactus formation at a 90-degree angle. Exhale or press the dumbbell about your chest. Inhale as you bring the dumbbell down, complete 2 to 3 steps of 10 reps.

Why should you not do more than 4 chest exercises per workout?


While adding variety to a training program is key, it is also important to remember that too much variety can limit your ability to perform quality receptions and work sets maximizeise muscle fatigue.


Too much volume of exercise decreases the quality of the perfect workout to overall chest growth… not to mention having to spend all their running around the gym.


  • By selecting 2 to 4 chest exercises per workout you can add 4 to 8 different chest exercises every time.
  • Be sure to keep your weekly training volume (the total of your working sets) for chests between 12 to 16 total reps.
  • If you find out you performing more than 20 sets per week there is a very good chance that  you are doing too much and actually having body abilities to build new muscle mass


  • Instead, stay within these ranges and work to perform quality applications with the hyperus feel the chest muscles stretch throughout the full range of motion and you get a beautiful chest outlook.


Total Gym Chest Workout Program;-


The below total gym chest workout program is a four-week chest training routine that is good for all levels. 

In this program, you get better chest strength and outlook. The maximum reps for a total gym chest workout are not less than 16.

Day 1 (7 total sets);

  • Perform 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions, making sure to pause 1″ of the chest on all reps.
  • Choose a way to perform all sets for the prescribed weights if you cannot perform 8-12 repetitions with the same weight, then go lighter.
  • Take at least 10 reps per week.
  • In the pause, be sure to keep the shoulder blades together,  feeling tension in the middle of the chest.


Neutral grip dumbbell bench press (3 sets):


  • Choose a way that you can do 15 to 20 total reps with your first set. Use the same weight for the next two sets of training to avoid failure.
  • Rest 45 to 60 seconds maximum between sets.
  • Perform the movement with a controlled lowering phase of 2 seconds, and pause 1 second at the bottom in a deep chest position.
  • Fully extend the arms briefly before continuing into the next repetition.

Day 2 (9 total sets);-

Bubble floor press 3 sets (week one);


  • Week 1;- Perform one heavy set of 10 reps, then perform 2 sets to failure with the same weight (leaving good wraps in the tank on the first set).
  • Week 2:   First heavy set of 10 raps,  then perform 2 sets to failure with the same weight (leave on good wraps in the tank on the first set).
  • Week 3;     Find an 8 rep maximum, then perform 2 sets to failure with the same weight (max out).
  • Week 4.   3 sets with week 2 weight.


Dumbbell Chest Fly (3 sets);

Dumbbell Chest Fly
Dumbbell Chest Fly

Choose the weight that you can get 10-15 reps with on your first set, making sure to lower slowly and maintain chest tension.

  • Perform two more sets of at least 10 with the same weight  each as a successive set
  • Pause briefly at the bottom position

Tempo Pushup (3 sets);

  • Perform 3 sets to failure using a slow and controlled tempo consisting of 2 seconds of lowering yourself down, 1-second floors hovering off the floor (as close as possible), and a 1-second flexing test at the top of reputation.
  • Reset 30 seconds between sets 
  • For added difficulty, you can perform a difficult push-up to increase the range of motion.

Things To Remember;


  • Do proper warm-up before the workout, this will make you less prone to injuries.
  • Take longer, as your muscles need more time to recover after compound exercise.
  • In order to lift too much, make sure to compromise with your form.



Adding quality muscle mass to the chest is done by progressively overloading the total gym chest workout muscle with a variety of intensities, load reputation ranges, and movement patterns. Like anything, there must be a balance between performing in variations and volume and performing too much. 

 The above powerful article clarifies all questions about your total gym chest workout program. You can visit the homepage here to check the more amazing articles.

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