Preacher Curl Alternative: 8 Effective Exercises:

Preacher Curl Alternative: 8 Effective Exercises:

Do you want a preacher curl alternative for training and performing the right exercises for your biceps? 

If so, Don’t worry. In this article, we will learn 8 preacher curl alternatives that amazingly shape your body. But let’s start with the Preacher Curl.

What is Preacher Curl?

However, it is one of the variations of traditional biceps exercises called bicep curls, and it is performed in a seated position using a slanted preacher curl bench as support. 

It allows more control over movement than standing while maintaining the required stability from your overall body. Individuals performing preacher curls often use EZ  bars rather than traditional bars for arm exercise.

What Muscles Are Used In Preacher Curl?

 The muscles mostly used:

  1. Bicep Brachii Long head
  2. Bicep brachii long head
  3. Brachialis

 Depending on the angle of the preacher’s curl, the most demanding point may be different. 

For example, if the preacher’s situation is inclined to 45 degrees, the most rigid point is near the bottom of the range. If it is inclined vertically, then the tricky point is near the top of the range of the motion.

The 45-degree incline is challenging for them vertical incline. This is due to when the muscle is lengthened and to the maximum, it is a way position for the muscles to contract.

Train Bicep Muscles To An Extensive Range Of Motion:

A best-of-preacher curl alternative can be made by randomly moving two of the same biceps as Richard or increasing the range of motion.

How To Perform A Preacher Curl Alternative?

preacher curl alternative
preacher curl alternative

You can grab an easy bar with an underhand grip or sit on the banks with your family planted on the floor. Adjust the pad height to love upper Arms and chest pain contact with the bench.

Keep your chin close to your chest and your arms bent with your elbows. Ensure that the wrist remains neutral in the shoulders, elbows,  and wrist are all in line.

Keep your upper arms in contact with the bench, and squeeze your biceps as you lift the bend towards your shoulders.

Benefits Of Preacher Curl Alternative:

Plan your preacher curl alternative session. You should know the benefits of this exercise for a more muscular bicep.

Have A Look At The Top Benefits:

  1. Have to isolate the bicep
  2. Eliminate the opportunity to swing the weight and feet to gain momentum
  3. Upgrade for adding mass to bicep
    Heating the short head of the bicep
  4. Focus on contraction and good cities on muscle
  5. Target  additional muscle fiber
  6. This can be done on a machine or with an EZ bar

Isolate Bicep Muscles:

Preacher curls target bicep muscle perf. The seated position on a preacher curl eliminates the chance for muscles to compensate for the lack of biceps strength.

EZ Bar Is Designed For Movement:

Unlike traditional bars, the EZ bar comes in postconditioning and is designed especially for biceps and triceps exercise. It has been shown to relieve some of the stress on the wrist during a lift.

Maximizes Muscle Growth:

 The preacher curl alternative helps with arm stability and movement with control. Low down the harmful components of movement and the stairs during this part of the exercise. Once these tears are tears, they increase muscle growth.

Preacher Curl Alternative:

Some excellent alternatives for preacher curl are as follows:

NO#1: Standing Barbell Curl:

Preacher Curl Alternative
Standing Barbell Curl

The standing barbell curl is a considerable alternative to the preacher curl for overloading both biceps with one another. The standing barbell curl occupies the barbell-like preacher Curl alternative except for standing up and down on the torso to isolate arms.

Individuals can also use the exact shoulder-width grip that they usually would with the preacher curl, but standing barbell curl is a little more challenging than the preacher curl.

This is because of the ability to keep the elbows still when curling and the stability of staying balanced.

Difficulty level: 


Equipment Needed:


How to do it:

  • Stand upright with feet at hip-width apart
  • Hold on to the straight barbell with hands above shoulder-width apart
  • Take deep breaths in and brace
  • Inhale the lower barbel back down, and repeat the sequence.


  • Rely on wall
  • Ovoid too much swinging
  • This exercise is best performed with more than three reps because push too hard. This means stopping at the end of the set and saying, “I can do three more reps with the best techniques.”

No#2: Arm blaster Bomber Curl:

Preacher Curl Alternative
Bomber Curl

The arm blaster Boomer Curl is used to achieve the best benefit as the preacher curl alternative. The benefit of an arm blaster is that it is not tiny, but it is easy to transport and cheaper than a Preacher curl bench.

The benefits of the ARM blaster bomber curl exercise include form correction, muscle activation, strength gain, and versatility.

How to do:

  1. The ARM Blaster strap can be easily adjusted for the elbow just below the bottom of the arm blaster piece.
  2. Stand with your feet about, heap apart the grape of the dumbbells or barbells that appear.
  3. Palms are always straight facing forward
  4. You should take deep breeds in and out
  5. Weight back down until arms relax at the bottom, then weed the number of reps.

Difficulty Level:



  • You can brace your core well so Armt arm Blaster does not dick into your stomach too much.
  • Do not go too heavy with an arm blaster bomber exercise.
  • It will punish your body in an uncomfortable way for ABS to swing a heavy load.

NO#3: Spider Curls:

Preacher Curl Alternative
Spider Curls

Spider curls look complex, but they are easy to do. This is precisely how your preacher curl alternative looks.

The name comes from the body, which resembles a spider while doing this exercise, even though you don’t have eight legs like a spider. This individual unlocks the full range of motion for growth and brings the elbow in front.

Difficulty level:


Equipment Needed:

  • Dumbbell pair
  • Incline bench

How to do it:

  1. Put one bench at a 45-degree angle in the client’s position.
  2.  Take a barbell or set-top dumbbells, then lower yourself on the surface of the branch so that your chest is pressed and a few top-planted on the floor. 
  3. Your chin is hanging off from the edge of the bench.
  4.  Now, with arms, search towards the position of your chin as usual, at the top, and then slowly lower It Back down.
  5. Repeat for the required amount of reps.


Recommended reps: 11-15


  • Thick and full bicep
  • Excellent isolation exercise


A more clenched arm is needed to isolate the biceps to keep the upper arm and shoulder as stationary as possible.

Ideally, keep your head above the bench press and your chest flat on the bench pad.

NO#4: Prone Incline Curl:

Preacher Curl Alternative
Prone Incline Curl

Difficulty level: 


Equipment Needed:


How to do:

  1. Many people also like prone incline curls. This exercise needs just a bench and a set of dumbbells per factory. To perform it, you should
  2. The driver set dumbbells with your farms away from you and then over your chest on the way at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Until they are level with your shoulder
  4.  Hold for a few seconds; then, you can turn to your starting position and repeat as quickly as many reps can.


Recommended 12 to 15

NO#4: Cable Construction Curve: 

Preacher Curl Alternative
Cable Construction Curve

If you struggle to keep yourself speedy, you should perform concentration curls. 

Individuals who wish to use the cable machine can also require these concentration curls exercises, which are an excellent alternative for improving their performance.

Difficulty Level: 



Cable Machine

How to do:

  1. Set the EZ bar To the cable machine and sit at its lowest setting
  2. Grasp the birth with an overhand grip and Shoulder apart, and in the next step, square down until your backside resets on heels.
  3. Resting the back of your arms on your knees, then curve towards your body till it is fully contracted
  4. Hold for seconds on the top of the exercise, then slowly lower the weight back up and down.
  5. Repeat for as many reps as needed.

NO#5: Concentration Curls:

Concentration Curls
Concentration Curls

 It is also the best preacher curl alternative, with two features. It involves concentrating on the lengthening and contraction of fiber muscles. The concentration curl is an excellent single-arm exercise to replace it with a similar approach for isolating the bicep.

It is an isolation exercise to train for strength and size. It is complete in one of the go-to exercises and pumps the mind-muscle connection.

Difficulty level


Equipment required

  •  Dumbbell
  • Sturdy bench

 How to do it:

  1. Set on a stool and flat bench 
  2. Spread your legs so the rest of the elbow of the working arm is on the inside of the thigh.
  3. Keep wrist supinated
  4. Curl dumbbell for full flexion
  5. Pause at the head before bringing the dumbbell back to its starting position.
  6. Perform recommended reps before switching sides.


  • Best bicep thickness
  • strengthen mind-muscle connection


Put the hand of the resting arm on the thigh on the same side. It’s good to think about leading with the Pinky when you curl the weight to maximize bicep activation and avoid rotating your form too much, which takes tension away.

NO#6: Seated Incline Bicep Curl:

Seated Incline Bicep Curl
Seated Incline Bicep Curl

Difficulty Level:


Seated incline bicep curl is also an advanced alternative to the Preacher curl. 

It is more advanced in that arms are stressed back in a position where bicep length and more. Bisect exercise becomes longer in the range of motion and more complex than a simple preacher curl.

Variation is performed well with them but becomes more problematic with the cable. It is up to you whether you choose.

How to do it:

  1. Set incline bench about 45 to 60 degrees
  2. Seat and keep your head back with the arms vertical while holding a pair of dumbbells
  3. Maintain vertical upper arm and call your dumbbells until you reach a point where you feel like lifting your elbow up
  4. Then, hold for a minimum pause until you return to dumb. Well done. Then repeat the number of reputations you did before.


This is the best variation, so paying attention to its technique and not going too heavy first so you don’t pull your bicep muscles is crucial.

To make the best reps, paying extra attention to exceeding your elbows at the bottom is vital to maximizing the range of motion. Shortening the range of motion makes it easier to cheat and change yourself. 

The lower the incline, the greater the biceps stretch, but some individuals still need mobility for this exercise variation.

NO#7: Zotomman Curl:

Zotomman Curl
Zotomman Curl

Difficulty Level:


Zotommon curl is also a loveable preacher curl alternative. It resembles a dumbbell curl, requiring time-consuming attention and more forearm rotation. Individuals also use dumbbells for this preacher curl alternative.

It starts when the dumbbell first curls up and then, for some, holds at the top of the forearm. Additional rotation increases time under tension as stimulus increases on your bicep and forearm muscles.

How to do it:

  1. Stand on feet close together and hold a pair of dumbbells.
  2. Keep both dumbbells by your sides with your palms facing up and your arm extended.
  3. Set the shoulder back and down or engage the core.
  4. The spine should be neutral, and perform bicep curl by bending the elbow and drawing weight towards the shoulders;
  5. Squeeze your bicep at the top, then pause or rotate your palms forward-facing 
  6. Slowly lower the dumbbell towards the sides, then turn palms face up and repeat.

NO#8: Hammer Curls:

Hammer Curls

Difficulty Level: 


How to Do:

  1. Stand on your legs in a straight position and knees under your hips. The upper arm is at the sides, with a dumbbell in every hand, and the weight rests next to the outer thigh. Palms are facing thighs, thumb face forward, and then shoulders relaxed.
  2. Bend at elbow. Then, lift the lower arm to pull the weight towards the shoulder. The upper arm is still stationary, and the wrist with forearms.
  3. Hold for one second at the top of the movement.
  4. Your thumbs will close to shoulders and palms toward the midline, then lower weight to return to the starting position.


Biceps act as mirror muscles, making them stronger and more significant to satisfy and beautify your body. 

Beneficial preacher curls have many alternatives. As you read the article, there are many feature preacher curl alternative exercises you could adopt and practice for more benefits.

You also want to build biceps and size them. Any exercise will work wonders…..

 Just go on these exercises and see for yourself. You can also read other excellent articles here.

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