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Reading should be a cornerstone of strength and conditioning or sports performance practitioners. From reading comes the opportunity to learn about both new challenges and knowledge of existing beliefs, leading to the evolution of daily practices and giving a higher level of service to athletes. But with all the options, how do you pick the right books for strength coaches? To help you, we collect the top 12 best books for strength coaches. 

Let’s dive in!

NO#1: Essentials of Strength Training And Conditioning By NSCA:

Books For Strength Coaches
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This is one of the foundation textbooks for all books for strength coaches and personal trainers. Most trainers need help understanding the purpose behind their exercises and why they do specific exercises in their training sessions.

The key to finding the result is the specificity and safety of athletes and climbing. This book covers exercise and practical applications essential to coaching at high levels.

Author: National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) edited by Thomas R.Baechle and Roger W. Earle.

Features of Authors:

Thomas R.Baechle: Renowned strength coach and founding member of an NSCA.

Roger W. Earle:  Experienced in strength and conditioning, contributes significantly to the field of strength. Both authors have extensive experience in strength training and conditioning, with many publications and contributions to the NSCA.

Rating On Amazon: 4.7

Price On Amazon: $99

Print Length: 752 pages 

Item Weights: 2.1 pounds

Dimensions:  8.9 X 1.5 X 11.2 inches

Publication Date:  June 21, 2021

Best Sellers Rank: #1 in sports medicine 

Essential Of Strength Training And Conditioning By NSCA  Key Information:

The book manual is over 600 pages and covers all key areas. 

  • Comprehensive coverage of strength training principles.
  • Detail explanation of exercise physiology
  • Guideline for exercise testing and prescription
  • Nutritional advice for optimal performance
  • Case studies and practical examples
  • Programming for different populations
  • Studies and strategies to develop strength, endurance, and power
  • Exercise for a better understanding

Latest research and trends in strength training.

No#2: Conscious Coaching: The Art Of Science In Building Buy-In:

Books For Strength Coaches
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This book presents the types of athletes and is also included in top books for strength coaches. It contains various athlete characteristics or provides ideas to connect with them. It is one of the best books that is easy to apply in real life, and some sports physiology books are challenging to work on. Starting Strength is an easy read and will be read cover to cover. You can also find starting strength on audible, which is great as only a few strength and coaching manuals exist. 

Author Name:  Brett Bartholomew

Author Key features: Brett Bartholomew is a performance coach and consultant known for building athlete relationships. He founded the performance coaching and consulting company and has worked with professional athletes across various sports.

Rating On Amazon: 4.7

Price On Amazon: $23

Print Length: 291 pages 

Item Weights: 2.1 pounds

Dimensions:  5 X 0.66 X 8 inches

Publication Date:  March 8, 2017

Conscious Coaching Key Information:

  • Importance of buy-in from athletes
  • Techniques for effective communication
  • Understanding athlete personalities
  • Building trust and strength
  • Case studies of successful coaching relationships
  • Tips for conflict resolution
  • Imports of self-awareness in coaching
  • Physiological strategies for motivation
  • Importance of studies for long-term athlete development 
  • Practical exercises for improving coaching skills 

NO#3: Science And Practise Of Strength Training: Books For Strength Coaches

Science And Practise Of Strength Training:
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This book uses Science to improve an athlete’s muscular strength and covers areas that become defining principles within strength training, like maximum, sub-max, repeated, and dynamic effort methods.

Author Name: Vladimir M.Zatsiorsky

Author Features: Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky is an expert in biomechanics and sports and a professor at Pan State University with some influential Publications. He is also a world-renowned sports biomechanist former strength symbol and conditioning consultant for the Soviet Union Olympic team, so he is someone to listen to.

Rating On Amazon: 4.7

Price On Amazon: $53

Print Length: 264 pages 

Item Weights: 2.1 pounds

Dimensions:  8.5 X 0.75 X 10.75 inches

Publication Date:  May 2, 2006

Science And Practise Of Strength Training Key Information:

  • Fundamental principles of strength training
  • Biomechanical analysis of exercise
  • Periodization and programming strategies
  • Method for developing Maximal strength
  • Injury prevention methods
  • Strength Training for Defence Force
  • Practical tips for strength coaches
  • The latest research is in strength Sciences

NO#4: Practical Programming for Strength Training: Books For Strength Coaches

Practical Programming for Strength Training
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Practical Programming for Strength Training is a must-read in books for strength coaches. 

Author Name: Mark Rippetoe and Loan Kilgore 

Author Key Features: Both are experts in Barbell training and exercise physiology. They have an extensive background in strength training and are the authors of several books.

Rating On Amazon: 4.8

Price On Amazon: $24

Print Length: 256 pages 

Item Weights: 1.7 pounds

Publication Date:  June 14, 2014

Practical Programming For Strength Training Key information:

  • Fundamental of strength programming
  • Techniques for Novice Lifters
  • Periodization models
  • Tips to consume programs
  •  Integral accessories exercises
  •  Case studies in Real world example
  • Addressing plateaus and stagnation
  • Importance of recovery and adaptation
  • Strategies to build long-term athlete development

No #5: New Functional Training For Sports: Books For Strength Coaches

New Functional Training For Sports
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New Functional Training for Sports is an essential addition to books for strength coaches. 

Author: Michael Boyle

Author Features: Michael Boyle is a Pioneer in functional training and strength coaching, the founder of Mic Boyle Strength and Conditioning, and has extensive experience training professional athletes.

Rating On Amazon: 4.8

Price On Amazon: $20

Print Length: 256 pages 

Item Weights: 2.95 pounds

Dimensions:  8.4 X 0.6 X 10.9 inches

Publication Date:  June 16, 2016

New Functional Training For Sports Critical Information:

  • Principles of Functional Training
  • Exercise to improve athletic performance
  • Sports-specific training techniques
  • Programming for function strength
  • Injury prevention strategy
  • Uses of different  training tools like kettlebells and bands
  • Case studies of successful programs, practical tips to implement functional training
  • Video demonstration and online resources

No #6:Super Training: Books For Strength Coaches

Super Training
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Super Training is top-notch, including in the category of books for strength coaches. 

Author Name: Yuri Verkhoshansky

Author Features A renowned sports scientist known for his work on plyometric training has contributed to sports Sciences and numerous influential publications. 

Rating On Amazon: 4.7

Price On Amazon: $77

Print Length: 592 pages 

Item Weights: 2.95 pounds

Dimensions:  11.02 X 1.22 X 8.27 inches

Publication Date:  Dec 7, 2009 

Super Training critical information:

  • Advanced training strength Techniques 
  • Principles of polymatrix 
  • Detailed periodization models
  • Methods to Improve Athletics Performance
  • Steps in the prevention and rehabilitation
  • Practical applications for coaches
  • Analysis of different strength qualities 
  • Case studies and Real-world examples
  • Integration of various training methods.

No #7: Strength Training Manual: The Agile Prioritization Approach:

Strength Training Manual
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Strength Training is a must-read add-in book for strength coaches. 

Author Name: Jason Bannet & Jennifer Brown

Author Features Experts in periodization and strength training, a coach, and a performance consultant focusing on innovative training methodology.

Rating On Amazon: 4.0

Price On Amazon: $36

Print Length: 229 pages 

Item Weights: 11 ounces

Dimensions:  6 X 0.52 X 9 inches

Publication Date:  August 29, 2018
Strength Training Manual Key Information:

  • Agile periodization principles
  • Flexible programming strategies 
  • Methods to tracking progress
  • Integral strength and conditioning
  • Injury prevention and recovery
  • Case studies of successful implementation
  • Practical tips for coaches 
  • The latest research in prioritization

No #8:Strength And Conditioning For Sports Performance:

Strength And Conditioning For Sports Performance
Image Source-Amazon

Strength and conditioning for sports performance is also included in the top 12 books for strength coaches.

Author Name: Ian Jeffreys and Jeremy Moody

Author Features: Jeffreys is well known for his speed training work, while Moody has extensive experience in sports performance. Both authors have contributed significantly to research, coaching, and Publication in this field.

Rating On Amazon: 4.8

Price On Amazon: $220

Print Length: 724 pages 

Item Weights: 4 pounds

Dimensions:  7 X 1.5 X 9.75 inches

Publication Date:  June 23, 2016 

Strength And Conditioning Key Information:

  • Fundamental sports performance
  • Injury prevention and habitation
  • Conditioning for endurance
  • Strength training methodology 
  • Sport-specific training program
  • Nutritional Strategies for Athletes
  • Case studies and practical examples
  • Letters research in sports performance
  • Practical tips for strength coaching

No #9: Extreme Ownership: How US Navy Seals Lead and Win

Extreme Ownership
Image Source – Amazon

Author Name: Joker Willink and Leif Babin

Author Features: They are both formal Navy Seals and leadership consultants. Founders of Echelon Front, a leadership consulting company with extensive experience in training and leadership.

Rating On Amazon: 4.8

Price On Amazon: $15

Print Length: 384 pages 

Item Weights: 2.31 pounds

Dimensions:  5.95 X 1.2 X 8.5 inches

Publication Date: Nov 21, 2017

Best Seller Rank: # 397 in top-rated Amazon books, #2 in intelligence and espionage history books, #13 in leadership and motivation books, #23 in Success self-help book 

Extreme Ownership Key Information:

  • Principles of extreme ownership
  • Techniques to build high-performing teams
  • Importance of discipline and accountable
  •  Leadership strategies from Navy seals
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • Building a winning mindset
  • Communication skills for leaders 
  • Case studies from military and business 
  • Tips for personal development 

No #10:Muskel-Guide: Gezieltes Krafttraining Anatomie: Books For Strength Coaches

Image Source – Amazon

Muskel Guide is a must-read addition to books for strength coaches. 

Author Name: Frederic Delavier

Author Features Expert in anatomy and strength training, a detailed illustrator, and author of several anatomy and strength training books.

Rating On Amazon: 4.7

Price On Amazon: $13

Item Weights: 1.19 pounds

Dimensions:  0.04 X 0.04 X 0.04 inches

Muskel Guide Key Information:

  • Detailed muscles anatomy
  • Targeted strength training exercises
  • Injury prevention strategies
  • Techniques to maximize muscle growth
  • Practical test for exercise execution
  • Case studies and examples
  • Nutritional advice for muscle development
  • Integration of strength training 
  • Top-notch research in muscle physiology

No #11:High-Performance Training For Sports: Books For Strength Coaches

High-Performance Training For Sports
Image Source – Amazon

High-performance Training for Sports is among the best athletic conditioning and performance books. It was first published in 2014. The Second Edition includes the letters, most effective techniques, and programs to develop today’s athletes. It features contributions from global leaders in athletic performance training and coaching rehabilitation. 

Ultimately, High-performance Training for Sports shares featured contributions and cutting-edge knowledge or techniques from professional sports leagues globally, combining the latest sciences and techniques with training protocols.

Author Name: David Joyce and Daniel Lewindon

Both are experts in sports performance and rehabilitation. Joyce is a performance coach for elite athletes, while Lewindon is a Sports Physiotherapist. You can buy by clicking here.

Rating On Amazon: 4.7

Price On Amazon: $44

Print Length: 456 pages 

Item Weights: 2.7 pounds

Dimensions:  8.5 X 1.1 X 10.9 inches

Publication Date:  September 15, 2021 

Best Seller Rank: # 431,265 in top-rated Amazon books, #326 in physiology books, #713 in sports training books, #578 in weight training book 

High-Performance Training  Key Information:

  • Comprehensive sports performance training
  • Strength and condition techniques
  • Recovery and injury prevention methods
  • Nutritional strategies for athletes
  • Psychological aspects of performance
  • Importance of periodization and programming
  • Practical tip for coaches
  • Latest research in sport performance

No #12: Starting Strength: Books For Strength Coaches

Starting Strength
Image Source – Amazon

Starting Strength is one of the best and most helpful fitness books for strength coaches. The Second Edition of Starting Strength Basic Training sold over 80000 copies in a competitive global market for the best education. Starting Strength takes a simple, logical, and practical approach to strength training. 

The methods for implementing barbell training detailed in this book are aimed at young athletes, but the subsidy applies to everyone: young and old, male and female, fit and weak, healthy & weak, or already strong. People globally use the simple biological principles of stress recovery and adaptation, and this method is the best for improving performance, appearance, and long-term health.

Author Name: Mark Rippetoe

Author Features: Expert in barbell training and coach founder of starting strength program with extensive experience in strength training. 

Rating On Amazon: 4.8

Price On Amazon: $24

Print Length: 347 pages 

Item Weights: 2.2 pounds

Dimensions:  8.5 X 0.75 X 10.98 inches

Publication Date:  November 11, 2011 

Best Seller Rank: # 6,232 in top-rated Amazon books, #5 in weight training books, #8 in sports training book 

Starting Strength key Information:

  • Fundamental of barbell training
  • Detailed exercise instructions
  • Programming for beginners
  • Techniques for square deadlift price and bench press
  • Importance of form and technique
  • Progression strategies
  • Tips to avoid injuries 
  • Real-world examples and case studies 
  • Practical tips for strength coaches
  • Integration of Barbell training into overall strength programs 


After reading the outlook of the top 12 books for strength coaches, you have selected 1-2 books to pursue first and then closer to your goals. It is always worth noting that the point of reading books is not just to read but to make a better coach. It is also just said to keep a notebook while reading a book and note down all the ideas of new exercises to try different programming principles or anything that can turn this information into motivation and improve your everyday coaching. A big shout-out to you, reader, for wanting to level yourself up as a professional. Happy books for strength coaches’ journey!

Sometimes learning with the help of books helps you in physical training, like functional muscle training, cardio, push, leg, pull, or any routine you want to follow along with your journey.

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